Enter in the Hotel and be greeted by the sweet smell of ... at Il Portico is reality!

The breakfasts are one of the strengths of the Portico, and if you do not believe you come to try them as well.

Brioches, jam tarts for all tastes, all sorts of cakes, orange or Sicilian lemon, chocolate, cheese pies, Sicilian cassata, cannoli, cassatelle, nutella tart, donut, fresh fruit tarts and then still plum cake, Genoese ericino cream or cottage cheese ... are just some of the goodies that you will find when you wake up. Still continuing with yogurt and fresh fruit, jams and cereals, fruit juices and fruit salad.

All surrounded by the espresso bar, cappuccino or milk and coffee, American coffee, or tea, and we do our best to meet the tastes of our guests and to fulfill every request.